Bev, I can’t thank you enough for all your time and guidance and especially for putting so much heart into it. I thoroughly enjoyed my Swim Dynamics course and I’ll be back for more pretty soon.

I’m still in a bit of shock that I actually passed…words escape me.

Much love,

Portia Wiechers, Level 1 course

Bev… I am truly thankful to know about Swim Dynamics… You all rock!!! Really love how you run your courses and all notes provided… Bev you made it really extra special with your true love and kindness.

You care in such a gentle way.

Bless you SWIM DYNAMICS for doing what you are doing.

Hi Dee. I just want to say thank you again for a wonderful and exciting course.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge and all the tips. Looking forward to building a great relationship with you in future!

Jackie Rabe , Level 1 course

I believe that when someone does something great or inspires you in some way or another, they should be told how incredible they are.

Lauren, each and EVERY single course I do with you, leaves me filled with such hope and inspiration. You are such a fantastic swimming teacher, and your heart is so big and kind. Thank you for coming to our course to give us insight on how to teach backstroke. Your imagination is amazing, you are super creative, and your teaching points blew me away (as always).

Your passion shines through what you do, and that is rare.

Abbigail Engelbrecht, Level 2 course

It is always good and refreshing when you learn new things. I have attended many workshops and trainings, but this felt like I do not know anything about being in a work shop set up.

Dee made the workshop worth the time and energy. She made us pay attention to details, she gave everyone a chance to share their experience and most importantly to engage in all activities. She was fun, business like and also easy going.

I will definitely be coming back for swimming course level 2. Workshop set ups were conjunctive and hospitality was very nice and welcoming

Thato (Soweto), Level 1 course

I am really impressed with Swim Dynamics as a whole. You and your team are such amazing people. I thank you

Brian Makin, Level 1 course

Dee, thank you for everything that you have done for me with regards to the swim instructors course.

I have finally moved into a career of teaching swimming and honestly could not be happier. You were a big part in making that happen for me and I just want to thank you.

Amy (Alberton), Level 1 course

Dee – Baie dankie vir die uitstekende kursus. Die kursus was goed georganiseerd en baie professioneel aangebied. Die kominasie van omvattende teorie en praktiese toepassing was veral waardevol. Die tyd in the swembad saam met die kinders het gehelp om ervaring en selfvertroue te ontwikkel in ‘n veilige gekontroleerde omgewing. Die laaste dag wat gefokus het op hoe ‘n mens ‘n swemskool soos ‘n besigheid bestuur, was veral nuttig on na die tyd toe te pas. Laastens, was dit ook lekker om net te sosialiseer en idees te kon uitruil met ‘n network van ander swemafrigters. Ek sal Hierdie kursus sterk aanbeveel vir alle swemafrigters wat swemlesse gee vier kleuters en jong laerskool kingers. Self hoogs ervare afrigters sal steeds iets nuuts kan leer op die kursus

Monique Field (Pretoria), Level 1 course

Thank you Bev for a superb course. I have expanded my knowledge immensely and feel more confident about giving lessons and starting up a business.

I wish I had done it earlier. You will see me again!

Allie Burger (Boksburg), Baby course

The most memorable experience I can recall, Bev Verweij, an absolute darling of a person. She has the utmost patience I have ever seen. She is my mentor and the person I look up to for my future life experiences and swim school. The overall experience was absolutely enlightening.

All the instructors are amazing, not only with us who were studying, but also with the students of the swim school. They have a magic way they teach. I really enjoyed studying with SWIM DYNAMICS.

We were all like one big family. I do not only take instructor knowledge with me for the future, but also a lot of sentimental moments. All the instructors were so kind and forthcoming with their knowledge. They shared so much with us and I am eternally grateful. The manuals (study Material) is through and to the detail with explanations and information becoming an instructor.

Not forgetting the tutor, Bev,who never failed to make us understand everything. I have made life long friends that I met on the course and we often chat about our studies and our future plans. What amazes me most is that I can always count on Bev, no matter day or night. If was struggling to comprehend with a concept or instruction, I would message her and she would reply with the correct information.

Thank you BEV VERWEIJ for all your knowledge and values you have instilled in me. I intend in time to further my studies with SWIM DYNAMICS and do all the courses you offer.

Ayesha Jooma (Witbank), Level 1 course